How to manually create a backup of my account

By default Pamstera is backing up everything on your hosting account every 2 days. However you can request a backup to be created on demand.
To begin with, please locate JetBackup section on your account:


There are a few possible options:

  • Full Account Backups – Shows full list of your available backups. Clicking on “Restore” button, selected backup will be restored. (This includes files, databases, emails etc.)
  • Files Backups – Opens a file manager where you can select which files to be restored.
  • Cron Job Backups – Restore only cronjobs
  • DNS Zone Backups – Restore your DNS zone (only if you use our nameservers)
  • Database Backups – Restore or download a copy of your database.
  • Email Backups – Restore your emails in your account.
  • SSL Cert Backups – Restore your SSL certificates.

Important: All backups are located in separate datacenter thus its possible to have some delay. Please enter your email address and we will notify you once the backup is ready for download or restored.

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